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Looking to enjoy your new hot tub or sauna? There’s nothing better than a long hot soak or steam after a long day—right in the comfort of your own home. But your new hot tub or sauna needs to be installed and wired into your home’s electrical grid.

Clear Electrical Solutions can have your hot tub or sauna up and running in no time. We’re experienced at hot tub electrical installation and sauna installation and are always looking for ways to save you money while ensuring the job is done safely and correctly. If you’re ready to go with your project, give us a call today.

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Hot Tub Wiring

What’s Involved in Hot Tub Wiring

This is just a general overview, so please don’t use it to try to wire up your hot tub on your own. Installing up a 240-volt hot tub requires us to integrate your main house panel with a 50- or 60-amp breaker, an external GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) and disconnect box, and the hot tub controller box. We have to ensure that the GFCI corresponds to the house breaker. For example, a 50-amp GFCI should be paired with a 50-amp house breaker. (Whether it’s 50-amp or 60-amp will depend on the number of pumps and the size of the heater.)

We’ll look at the maximum electrical draw of the hot tub, the building code, and the length of wire we need to run to determine the size of the wire we need to use. At least five feet away from the hot tub—and no more than 10 feet away—we’ll install the GFCI and manual shutoff. Note that GFCI wiring must be done by a qualified electrician.

There’s a lot more to hot tub wiring than this, but we just wanted to give you an idea of what we’ll be doing for you. A typical hot tub electrical installation takes approximately six to eight hours, but we can give you a solid idea of what to expect in terms of time and cost after we assess your project.

Sauna Wiring

What’s Involved with Sauna Heater Wiring

When it comes to installing and wiring your sauna, we’ll check that you have enough spare capacity to handle the electrical load of the heater. We’ll also check to see if the panel board has enough spare physical space to hold the circuit breaker for the sauna heater.

Note that if you’re installing an indoor sauna, walls may need to be opened to install the wiring. We can recommend the best place to install the sauna to keep this to a minimum. It may be best to have a GFCI circuit breaker installed as well. We can advise you on whether this is necessary.

There are a number of things to consider when wiring an indoor or outdoor sauna. These range from whether it’s going to be possible to have lighting as well as heat and whether the landscaping allows for the installation of underground conductors. Once again, we’ll assess your unique situation and offer clear solutions so you can enjoy your sauna sooner rather than later.

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