Residential Lighting Installation

Residential lighting installation is more important than people realize. How your home is lit is going to affect you and your family for years to come. It’s also important that your job, whether it’s pot light installation, LED installation, spot light installation, or motions sensors for outdoor lights, be done correctly to protect your home and family.

At Clear Electrical Solutions, we do all types of residential lighting installation, from LED light fixtures and other recessed lighting installation to outdoor flood lights, wall packs, and patio and garage lights. We understand how lighting works and can consult with you on light placement so you get the lighting effects you want, while ensuring that your lighting is installed correctly.

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Wiring/Installing Ceiling Light Fixtures

You don’t have to be an electrician to install a light fixture. It’s just easier if you are! But anyone can do it. There are good videos online explaining how you can install your own lights if you are up to the task.

When installing light fixtures, remember to determine that the electric junction box is capable of supporting your new lighting fixture and that you do not overload the circuitry. (The junction box is the thing in the ceiling support that contains the wires.) Special fan boxes are required to support ceiling fans.

Honestly, anyone can wire a light fixture but you should have some knowledge in order to proceed safely and meet the electrical code requirements. It’s usually easier to call us to get the lighting you want in or outside of your home. 

You can also do your own light switch wiring or dimmer switch lighting, but be sure to look online to see how it’s done before you proceed. If you’re going to DIY any residential lighting, be sure to turn off power to the circuit before you start. If you have any doubts or reservations, contact us.

Remember, if you are changing any wiring in your house, you need the proper permit from your local municipality. If you do not get a permit, any problems may not be covered by your insurance company.

Pot Light Installation (Recessed Lighting)

Pot lights (recessed lighting) or spot lights have become a popular choice for homeowners. They provide more coverage area in a space and give you control over how bright it is. They can also make rooms feel bigger and more modern. A home renovation is a great time to add pot lights!

Installing or replacing recessed lighting is more complicated than installing a single light fixture. You’re putting in more lights so you will need more wiring and possibly a new circuit.

To be safe, be sure to get an electrician to assess your electrical system before proceeding with pot light installation. Having recessed lighting will make a big difference to your home but you want to ensure it’s installed properly and won’t endanger your home or family.

A nice alternative to recessed lighting is flush mount ceiling lights. As the name tells you, these sit against the ceiling. Unlike with pot lights, you don’t have to cut holes in the drywall, but they also don’t take up the visual space that’s taken up by hanging lights. 

LED lighting

LED Lighting

LED lights are much more efficient than incandescent light bulbs and have become a popular choice. You can replace any light bulb with LED lighting and save on electrical costs compared to other lighting options.

LED strip lights are becoming popular in under-counter lighting in your kitchen, and can give kids’ rooms and entertainment spaces a really unique look. If you’re handy, you should be able to do your LED installation on your own, but we’re also here to help.  

Other Lighting Options

Track Lighting

Installing track lighting gives you focused light from one fixture. It’s often used in kitchens and offices and is, of course, a great way to showcase a treasured piece of art. You can install track lighting on your own (reading up on how to do it beforehand so you’re safe) or we can do it for you.

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting fixtures are virtually obsolete and hard to come by. The lights can still be replaced, but they lose 50% of their brightness in the first year. We suggest use LED lighting for better light, longer life, and electrical cost savings from their energy efficiency.

Outdoor light

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor light fixtures allow you to create warm, welcoming spaces outside of your home or bright white lighting to protect your home from intruders. Motion sensors for outdoor lights are great for home protection and allow you to turn on your lights when you need them instead of leaving them on when you’re not at home. We can also install timers or smart switches so you can operate your lights from anywhere in the world.

Installing outdoor wall lights, patio lights, and garage lights can add a lot of curb appeal to a residence. If you’re thinking of selling your home, they can make a great first impression. If you’d like help with any of your residential lighting installations, give us a call. We’re always happy to help.

Lighting automation

Lighting Automation

Along with the various types of available lighting, there is also a variety of automated lighting solutions for cell phones, tablets, or computers. Some allow you to control the colour, light intensity (dimming), or even choose which lights will be on. Others can let you set the timing for when lights are on or off and the strength of the lights when turned on.

Not Into DIY Lighting?

That’s why we’re here. We’ll wire/install your lighting safely and efficiently. Contact us today for all your lighting requirements.