Exhaust Fans & Ceiling Fans: Replacement & Installation

Bathroom exhaust fans help your space stay dry and odour-free, and they’re really important if you don’t have a window in the bathroom. Depending on your needs, you can choose a wall bathroom exhaust fan or a ceiling fan. The size of the room will dictate the size of the fan you need.

Our first step will be to cut a hole in the drywall for bathroom fan installation. Then we attach the fan to the joists, bring a power circuit to the switch (if there isn’t one already) and then to your fan.

You may need someone to go up to the roof to cut a hole to accommodate the roof vent. Depending on the location of the fan, it may be vented out the side of your house.

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Exhaust Fan

Wiring a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

When it’s time to wire the fan, we’ll go up to the attic to run the wire from the switch location to the fan. Once we’ve found the existing wire to the switch, we’ll drill a hole right next to it and pull the new wire down.

From here, it’s down to the bathroom, where the wire will be installed in the new box, which is then installed next to the old box. Then we wire in the switch.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Installation: With or Without Lights

If it’s a ceiling fan installation, we’ll need to ensure you have a fan-rated octagon box to support the weight of the fan. If we are just replacing a light, the proper wiring should already be there. We’ll simply wire the fan and mount the fan housing.

Ceiling fans with lights are another type of fan that can be installed in bedrooms and kitchens to help cool the space down in the summer or warm it down in the winter. The larger the room, the larger the fan you’ll need. For larger rooms, you may need more than one fan.

If you’re just replacing an old light fixture with a ceiling fan with light, the project is pretty straightforward. If there isn’t a light fixture to replace, you’ll need to get new wiring and a switch installed.  

Your Exhaust Fan & Ceiling Fan Specialists

Whether you’re replacing a bathroom or range hood fan, installing new fans or a ceiling fan with light, Clear Electrical Solutions can help. We’ll always be fully upfront and transparent with you so you know the cost of your project and can make the right decisions for you and your family. Contact us today.