Electrical Home Safety Inspections & Permits

An electrical safety inspection tells you whether your electrical system is safe and functioning properly. In Calgary, if you get electrical work done (by you or someone else) that wasn’t permitted by an electrician or you as the homeowner, we can get you the required permit but first we need to do an electrical inspection to ensure the work is up to code and safe.

Our Electrical Safety Inspections Include:

  • Wiring and termination inspection
  • Electrical system inspection
  • Electrical code inspection
  • Electrical panel and breaker inspection

We will also inspect your smoke detectors and ensure they are installed in the proper areas to bring your home up to the fire code.

If an electrical inspection needs to be done by your local inspection agency, we can come in ahead of time, do an inspection, and make any necessary repairs. If you have already had the local inspection and need to fix a few things, we can also take care of that for you.

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Residential electrical wiring

Electrical Rough-in Inspections

An electrical rough-in inspection is done before the wiring is hidden behind the insulation and drywall. It ensures that cables, outlet boxes, staples, breakers, and protection plates have been installed properly and that all connections and splices have been completed.

An electrical rough-in inspection ensures you have the correct number of circuits, and that appliances that need their own circuits will have them. We’ll also make sure you have GFCI outlets and circuit breakers where code requires them.

You must have an electrical rough-in inspection done by your local inspection authority before concealing your electrical wiring.

Home Electrical Permits

Electrical permits are needed for almost all residential electrical work, other than replacing lighting fixtures or outlets. In Canada, an electrical permit is required for all new wiring installations, and when when extending or altering any existing electrical branch circuit wiring.

As your electrical services provider, we apply for all the permits required for your project. Our experience makes this easy and allows us to take a load off your shoulders so you can focus on your own priorities.

Once the work is complete, the local authority will want to inspect it. Depending on the size of the job, having us onsite during the inspection makes it easier to work with the jurisdiction as we can answer all questions and explain what’s been done and why.

Value of an Electrical Safety Inspection

We can’t live without electricity, yet it’s extremely dangerous if not handled properly. Problems with your electrical system can put your home and family at risk—risk that would have been avoidable if you’d had an electrical inspection done or your electrical work was done by a professional.

At some points in the lifecycle of a home, an electrical inspection is required by the local authority that has jurisdiction. But even if you’re not required to get an inspection done, you should arrange for one if you’re experiencing any issues with your electrical system or if you are concerned about the age of your home. It’s always better to err on the side of caution, and less expensive to fix problems early.

Your Electrician for Safety Inspections & Permits

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