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Nobody wants to need an electrician, but residential electrical devices and services don’t last forever. And if you’re making changes to your home, it’s likely that you’re going to need some professional help with electrical wiring and installation.

At Clear Electrical Solutions, we understand that homeowners have budgets to stick to and want high-quality electrical services. As your home electrician, we will always be completely honest and upfront with you and look for cost-effective, long-lasting solutions to your electrical needs. We treat every customer like family and look forward to getting to know you and serving you for years to come.

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Our Residential Electrician Services

At Clear Electrical Solutions, we do all types of residential lighting installation, from fluorescent light fixtures and recessed lighting installation to outdoor LED lights, outdoor wall lights, and outdoor patio and garage lights. We understand how lighting works and can consult with you on light placement so you get the lighting effects you want, while ensuring that your lighting is installed correctly. Learn about tips on residential lighting types and installation.

Electric vehicles are the way of the future but they require charging stations and they’re going to draw on your home’s electrical system. We will let you know whether you have the capacity in your home’s electrical panel for the EV charging unit, or whether you need an EV management system to avoid having to upgrade your panel. Learn more about EV home chargers and how Clear Electric Solutions can help.

Clear Electrical Solutions can have your hot tub, sauna, or tanning bed up and running in no time. We’re experienced at hot tub, sauna, and tanning bed wiring installation and are always looking for ways to save you money while ensuring the job is done safely and correctly. Find out what’s involved in wiring a hot tub, sauna or tanning bed.

Whether you’re replacing a bathroom fan, putting in an exhaust fan for the first time, or installing a ceiling fan with light, Clear Electrical Solutions can help. We’ll always be fully upfront and transparent with you so you know the cost of your project and can make the right decisions for you and your family. Discover how we can help you with your bathroom and ceiling fans.

Have you been experiencing issues with the electrical system in your home? You might need to get an electrician in to assess your electrical panel and determine whether the issue is a loose connection, a bad breaker, or electrical device. Depending on the issue, you might need a panel upgrade. We can help you determine what needs to be done and make the upgrade for you. Learn about the signs your electrical panel needs to be upgraded and the cost of an upgrade.

Electrical problems in your home can be inconvenient or downright dangerous. At Clear Electrical Solutions, we enjoy the challenge of diagnosing your electrical problems and are experienced at making all kinds of electrical repairs. Discover the common issues, like flickering lights and tripped power, that require electrical repairs.

Electrical house wiring is one of our primary services for both new builds and homeowners. Rewiring a house has a number of benefits, including saving money on your electric bill and preventing annoyances like flickering lights or faulty/aging electrical receptacles or devices. It’s a lot of work though, and it’s important to know what to expect. Learn more about electrical house wiring.

An electrical safety inspection tells you whether your electrical system is safe and functioning properly. In Calgary, if you get electrical work done (by you or someone else) that wasn’t permitted by an electrician or you as the homeowner, we can get you the required permit but first we need to do an electrical inspection to ensure the work is up to code. We can also do an electrical inspection simply for your piece of mind and give you our professional opinion on its condition. Read more about electrical inspections and permits.

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Regardless of your needs, we’re there to help. Contact us today and we’ll discuss your needs and let you know what needs to be done—clearly, efficiently, and effectively.