Calgary Electrical  Maintenance & Repair

Electrical preventive maintenance is a major service line that we are pleased to offer in Calgary. Our electrical maintenance services help you ensure that your electrical system and the fixtures and equipment it supports are always up and running, increasing the lifespan of your business and the facility you operate in.

We offer scheduled electrical maintenance and repair to help keep your business running but are also available on an as-need basis if something unexpected happens. We can work to your maintenance plan or develop a commercial electrical maintenance plan for you.

Electrical maintenance includes checking lighting systems, generators, outlets, circuit breakers, switches, transformers, and surge protectors for integrity and stability. We’ll also do everything from replacing burned out lights to inspecting equipment—including hydraulics and pneumatics—and making repairs where necessary. The goal of our commercial electrical maintenance is to solve issues early, before they become giant headaches for your business. It’s better to have a planned shutdown and repair than an unplanned one.

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Electrical Maintenance Services

Because of the nature of electrical wiring and the fact that it is encased in the building, it can be challenging to locate the source of your electrical problems. We use thermal imaging to see what’s happening in the electrical system. This allows us to identify issues early, before they can cause equipment damage.

Our services include:

Electrical Troubleshooting

At Clear Electrical Solutions, we enjoy troubleshooting to discover the source of the electrical issues you’re experiencing. Whether you’re dealing with a minor case of flickering lights or something more serious, we’ll come in, assess the situation, and recommend the most cost-effective solution.

Electrical Service Overloads

Electrical circuits can only handle a specific amount of current. If the wiring is overloaded, the circuit breaker will trip, cutting off power and costing your business money. As part of a commercial electrical maintenance program, we can identify potential overloads and make changes to your system before you end up with a power outage.

CNCMachine Maintenance

With nearly 10 years of experience working CNC’s and other manufacturing equipment, we are confident you’ll be happy with our speedy service and diagnostics.

Minor Mechanical Preventive Maintenance & Repair

We can do mechanical inspections and small mechanical repairs and lubrication. For larger problems and repairs we work with others who we can recommend if you do not already have your own source.

Your Calgary Electrical Maintenance Provider

Want an electrical maintenance provider you can trust? Contact us today. We treat our commercial clients as friends and are always 100 percent honest and transparent. Let us help you keep your commercial operation up and running, safely and long into the future.